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Focusing on R & D and production of electro-acoustic automation equipment for 21 years

Dongguan Yuhua Zhichuang Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D and production of electroacoustic automation equipment and focusing on unmanned production in the electroacoustic industry. Since ...


Songshanhu R & D Marketing Center

National high-tech enterprise, 6 service outlets nationwide

Two major production bases

7153 square meters of production base in Dongguan, 4937 square meters of production base in Jiangxi

Products are widely used in 56 industries

Electroacoustic automation solutions

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Keep improving, we are committed to improving the production efficiency of speakers

our products

  • Magnetic Circuit Assembly Machine
  • Sound Film Voice Coil Combination Machine
  • Six-axis Robot Assembly Machine
  • Single-axis Multi-function Winding Machine
  • Automatic Voice Coil Winding Machine
  • Automatic Speaker Production Line
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We use professional and innovative design concepts and craftsmanship to provide core equipment support and lead the industry's intelligent transformation. Yuhua devotes itself to the electro-acoustic industry with professionalism, perseverance, enthusiasm and gratitude, dedicated to promoting the development of the industry, and working hard for the development of China's national industry!


21 Years

Non-standard automation R & D experience


Automation equipment supplier of top 500 domestic and foreign famous enterprises

105 Items

Automatic utility model patent

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